License(d) to chill!!

License to chill!

We run a private sail yacht charter from Estepona port, with us wind permitting, you will experience the sensation of real sailing. We have a different philosophy about chartering than most. Don´t expect a standard route. Our course will depend on the wind, current, waves and of course the destination. If there is wind we will always sail by sail. If you want to help putting up the sails and / or steer the boat – you can. No need for experience. We are convinced that we offer the best price / quality for a private sail day charter between Marbella and Sotogrande. We are based in Estepona with the possibility of a multiple day trip to Ceuta / Morocco as well. But we will always sail if possible and see something of the fauna that surrounds us and culture at our destination. And of course, with a day trip we will try to meet your wishes. Wind ect. permitting, follow the coast towards Marbella or look for dolphins towards Gibraltar and have a swim. Anything is customisable – on board you have a license to chill!

Excellent price / quality

Experience a day or a few days full of fun with this private sailing boat rental, the ship is fully equipped!
Aboard “the lonely star” you have everything you need to make your adventure exciting and at the same time relaxing and enjoyable. The boat has a platform with ladder to get out of the sea easily. The ship has a fresh water shower, comfortable seating, fridge, barbecue and a large and comfortable cabin. We have diving goggles, tubes, fins and of course life jackets. If the day allows it, we have a floating donut, pulled by the boat to enjoy the sea, both adults and children. In all our types of trips we include cold drinks such as soft drinks, water, wine and beer. We can drop anchor and after a tapas bath, some cheese, ham, tuna salad, Spanish omelette, bread and other snacks. We are convinced of our excellent price quality – come and experience this!

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