Wild life sailing tours in the Strait

A three day wildlife/ sea mammal tour, max 4 People, 1600, – Euro all included ( 400, – Euro pp)

After boarding in the morning we sail to Ceuta ( a Spanish enclave in North East Morocco, opposite to Gibraltar ). We will also cross the Strait of Gibraltar and the whole trip will take about 5 to 7 hours. In Ceuta you have ample time to do some sightseeing such as ´the Royal Walls and navigable moats of Ceuta´. You can do some tax-free shopping and eat out in one of the lovely restaurants overlooking the entire Strait.

After a good nights sleep in your private cabin and breakfast on board or in a nearby restaurant. We will – wind permitting – go westward deeper into the Strait, where we will find dolphins and have a good chance of spotting pilot whales, sperm whales and orcas. We will spend the night in Gibraltar where you have the evening and morning to explore the impressive defence tunnels of Gibraltar, the ´St Michael’s Cave´ or the famous monkeys on the upper rock. Of course, you can do some taxfree shopping as well. Around 13:00 we will set sail towards Estepona again where we will arrive around 18:00.  

Wild life sailing / Morocco

A four day wildlife / Morocco tour combined, max 4 people, 2000,- Euro all included ( 500, – Eur pp) See ´Morocco tour´ for a description.

Note: ´Wind permitting´ means that if there is or will be a lot of wind in the Strait. We will then have to skip the wildlife tour and decide together on an alternative. Multiple day trips include fuel, mooring fees, beverages, breakfast and light snacks.