Strait of Gibraltar crossing from Estepona - unique sailing trip to Ceuta

A two day sailing passage to Ceuta, max 4 People, 1200, – Euro ( 300, – Euro pp) activities not included.
Highlight must be the crossing of the Strait of Gibraltar from North to South. There are few places on the planet that are pure magic for me, and the crossing of Strait of Gibraltar is one of them.

Strait of Gibraltar passage to Ceuta from Estepona port. A unique sailing trip to Ceuta where you otherwise would never go because you had probably never heard of it. Beautiful and exiting, it will take you from Estepona, crossing the infamous Strait of Gibraltar to Ceuta, a renowned stretch of water between 2 continents and their respective mountain ranges on either side.

Strait of Gibraltar crossing Estepona to Ceuta

From Estepona it is about 30 nautical miles sailing across the Strait of Gibraltar to Ceuta, this will take under normal circumstances between 5 to 7 hours. There is ample time to have lunch and drinks, we will most likely see dolphins crossing our path and have a swim.

Ceuta Town

You don´t have to book a hotel on this trip, you can stay on board in Puerto De Ceuta…and of course, when you are in a place like this you want to see or do something, like diving in one of the best spots in Spain. Very close to the port we will stay you find the Royal Walls of Ceuta, the beautiful Arab Baths ( Baños Árabes ). The buildings around the port are in a colonial style. Ceuta in general, is very nicely kept, quite small and nearly everything is within walking distance, perfect for a short stay. As you walk away from the marina you will find a modern high street with all the latest shops ( tax-free! ), bars and restaurants, it feels like a busy town centre. If you´re interested to go for a dip in the sea its only a short 10-minute walk to the beach from the marina to the southern coastline of Ceuta overlooking the coast of Morocco. If the beach isn’t your thing there are also a few large swimming pools  with bars etc. next to the marina.

Scuba diving trip in Ceuta

If you are into diving, Ceuta at the southern side of the Strait of Gibraltar is the best place in a wide area. There are 7 diving centres on a population of 70.000. There must be something unique to see under water. This offer is based on a tour of two days with 4 people, including breakfast/lunch, overnight stay on board (bed linnen), port fees, diesel. 1200,- Euro not including activities and dinner.

If you have additional or other requirements than what we offer over here, we are sure we can work something out. If you want to go with more than four we can arrange a hotel for the people extra.

Other options:

We can imagine you might want to try a day trip first a see how you react the sea and the boat before you embark on a Strait of Gibraltar crossing!

You could extend this trip with one day to go to Morocco – Marina Smir ( by boat of course ).