Private day sailing charter - 4 hours 75,- Euros pp.

Maybe now is the time to decide what you would prefer: you might have kids and therefor would like to see dolphins or you would like to experience the peacefulness of sailing by the wind. This last thing may sound strange, but of the 10 competitors or so we have in Estepona there is only one besides us that really makes the effort to take out the sails to sail. Obviously, for sailing we need wind. On the other hand, to see dolphins it is far easier to spot them without waves and we therefor need little or no wind. Let us help you find the best day to get what you want!

Daily two private 4 hour day trips from 11:00 to 15:00 and 15:30 to 19:30. – Family friendly priced at 75,- Euros pp. min. 4 passengers up til 11. You can also do a private full day – 130,- per person. If you would like the first private slot to start earlier or the second one later, that´s fine with us.
At 19:45 we do a 2 hour sundowner / champagne cruise especially meant for two. 75,- per person. Private, and of course accompanied with drinks and a bite or even a catered dinner on request.

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Private day sailing charter yacht from Estepona port

Book your private day sailing charter yacht from Estepona port with possibly dolphin sighting now online. This dolphin boat trip in Estepona is for a lot of people certainly worthwhile coming from Marbella or Duquesa area for. Enjoy extras like fishing/ snorkel gear, BBQ or even catering. All is customizable.

Experience a fun-filled day. With this in Estepona port based charter there is the time – and the space – to experience the real sailing. The exact course depends on the wind, tide and weather, but of course, we can try to fulfil your wishes, like following the coast for example towards Marbella or look for dolphins in the direction of Gibraltar.

Dolphin boat trip Estepona

Dolphins are very common to the area of Estepona, Marbella and the Strait but the best days to see them is on very calm days. Although we see them very often on calm days, the only thing we can guarantee regarding dolphins is that we will certainly do our very best to find them. Aboard this sailing charter you will find all the things needed to make your day charter adventure relaxing and enjoyable. The ship has a large swimming platform and ladder, fresh water shower, comfortable seating, refrigeration, comfortable cabin with galley. Masks, snorkels, fins, floats ( donut and matras ) and obviously lifejackets are provided. Refreshments include free cold soft drinks, water, cava, wine and beer and we use KYWIE beer and wine coolers to keep them cool. We can drop anchor, you have a swim meanwhile we prepare a light lunch – some cheese, ham, tuna salad and bread.

Extra options yacht charter Estepona

Especially for day trips on this sailing charter, we have a few extra options for you.

  • We could take the dinghy and sail to our favourite beach restaurant – La Floria. You will have an excellent lunch/dinner here with all kinds of fresh grilled or fried fish and excellent meat.
  • New this year: a catered lunch or dinner on board by a restaurant in the harbour. Ask for the menu and we will send it by email. You could, for example, get an excellent ´Paella´ on board accompanied by anything to drink.
  • You bring the fish or meat and we provide the barbecue and drinks on board. Perfect for days with little wind!
  • If you are thinking about having a stag or hen party, you might consider having one at sea. If needed we can arrange for a second boat to join.
  • Connect your phone with a bluetooth speaker for your music on board unless you would like my music..
  • We have fishing gear on board the ship, however nothing professional but still fun to use!
  • If you are sick of the jellyfish on the beaches, come with us, out on the open sea there aren´t any!
  • Although we do not run a sailing school we could, of course, teach you some of the ´ropes´ of handling a  sailing yacht.
  • If you prefer a windy day to really be able to sail let us know and we will find the best day for you! It will however not always be ideal.
  • If you visit Southern Spain regularly and are quite into sailing, you might be interested in joining our private ´frequent sailors´ yacht club.