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Dolphin Trips

Dolphin watching / spotting in Estepona is quite popular because they are always in the area. Still, for spotting dolphins we need a bit of luck. However, we can help luck fall our way. First, we need a calm day. On a calm day is spotting dolphins easier because the sea is quite flat. Anything breaking the surface is a good sign that something interesting is there. Second, we are member of a ´WhatsApp´ group that will inform where if any, the dolphins are. Last but certainly not least, you need the right charter with the experience to give you the best possible experience! Look no further!

The downside to having no wind is that we can´t sail and have to use the motor. If you would like a sailing experience look over here!

Dolphin watching / spotting Estepona

Wild life sailing tours in Estepona. Dolphins at your feet!

The wildlife we see most over here are these to the right – Common dolphin – Bottlenose dolphin – Loggerhead turtle.

Swimming with a loggerhead.

Swimming with a loggerhead.

Watch this video of a dolphin jumping close to our boat..

Here are a few things that potential clients ask:

How long will the trip be? We recommend 4 hours, the chance that you will spot dolphins is considerable.

Where will you go? The objective is to be on the sea, enjoy the scenery, swim, eat, drink and of course see dolphins. In other words, I do not have have a plan ( and certainly not a standard route ) other than to do my best to meet your expectations. If at some point you have suggestions / ideas, please tell me!

We have tried to put all the information you might possibly need on this site. You’re going to be spoilt for Choice! The best and fastest way for a booking or any questions is to send a ´WhatsApp´ and we will get back to you very soon. Of course you can also call + 34 676270994. We speak English, Spanish and Dutch. You will find the ´WhatsApp´ button on the left bottom side in green on every page. You will also find ´messenger´, ´telegram´ etc. there.

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