Spain - Morocco - A 3 day cultural sailing trip

Sailing trip Spain – Morocco, ideally for 4 people, 1600, – Euro all included (400, – Euro pp) 

Embark on this unique three-day Sailing trip Spain – Morocco from Estepona port, during the day a memorable sailing trip between two continents in the famous Strait of Gibraltar, you will visit special Moroccan towns (Tetouan and Chefchaouen) in the afternoon/evening and spend the nights aboard. This trip can also be seen as an introduction to sailing a yacht/life on board and a fascinating country like Morocco.

3 Day cultural sailing trip from Estepona – Spain

A small description of how a trip like this looks like:

In the morning when boarding you get a small safety instruction. After that, we set sail due south towards Smir – Morocco. This crossing will take depending on the elements somewhere between 7 and 8 and we will definitely see dolphins and maybe a turtle. During this trip, we will have lunch and possibly take a dive. After arriving in Smir you can freshen up in the showers of the port. A 5-minute taxi ride will take you to M’diq witch you can explore and where you can dine Moroccan style. Back on board, there is wine and cold beers.

After breakfast on board, get ready for a trip by taxi to Tetouan and Chefchouen. You can take your time, later in the afternoon, we leave for Ceuta. This is a small Spanish enclave on the Strait of Gibraltar. This takes about 2 hours. Here you will find a clear mix of Spanish and Moroccan culture and is definitely worth visiting. In the evening you can eat out in very fine restaurants with the best views over the Strait of Gibraltar.

  • If you would rather spend the night in Smir again, so not leave for Ceuta, that is fine as well. In the morning we leave for Estepona again.
  • A 4-day wildlife / Morocco tour combined, max 4 people, 2000,- Euro all included ( 500, – Eur pp). See the ´Wildlife tour´ for a description.
  • Multiple day trips include fuel, mooring fees, beverages, breakfast/lunch and light snacks.
  • This Sailing trip Spain – Morocco is ideally for four people however if more would like to go we can arrange a hotel.