Our yacht club for 'frequent sailors' is especially meant for people live or regularly stay in the Marbella, Estepona or Sotogrande ( Malaga province ) area and would like to sail now and then with friends but without the hassle and cost of owning a ship. There is no yearly fee and hardly any obligation, it is a build up of discount.

Joining the yacht club is very easy: the rate for a 4-hour trip is the same as for a regular day trip. 75,- Euros per person with a minimum 4 for people including the complimentary drinks and light lunch. ( For an extensive description see – Daytrips ) Every time you book within one year you will get a discount of 5% with a maximum of 25%. Once you have built up a discount of 25% you will keep this discount as long as you keep on booking 4 times every calendar year.

Discount sailing trips to Morocco

It is even faster to build up your discount sailing on our multi-day trips to Morocco  / Ceuta and wildlife trips. You just need one trip to earn a 25% discount on the next booking. The credits you build up are personal, however, the party you take with you ( or invite ) may vary in size ( minimum 4 though ) and composition.

If you are interested in our ´frequent sailors´ yacht club or any of our trips, please contact us on +34 676 270 994 or our contact page.